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Please make sure you have seen Tolga's Weather Trends with High Quality Detailed Graphs. This is an example of what we can do.

Stephenson Screen, weather and clouds

The aim is to form a group of people interested in providing their local weather records on the Internet so more detailed information is available than there is currently. This will help weather forecasting.

Current information that is widely available contains many gaps, and the information which is freely available is seldom archived. Therefore, detailed analysis is difficult. However, the Bureau of Meteorology provides good information that would be impossible for our group to present and they deserve credit for that. There are also many hard working people in the Bureau of Meteorology. The problem is the corrupted system that is controlled by the government.

The plan is to form a network which graphs out weather data continually in different locations so it is freely available in a user friendly format like the graphs currently being generated at my home for Tolga's weather.

We would share the information with anyone including the Bureau of Meteorology and this could even help them.

I can freely provide the computer programs and methods which are used to generate the data on the Tolga site so you can set up your weather station.

We are seeking people to join this group which is free. The more volunteers and donors that become available the more affective the system will be. Some people could study the weather patterns to improve forecasting while others could compile records.

If you know who could possibly help set up, manufacture, trial, test, calibrate and distribute weather instruments please click here.
Also, it would be appreciated if you could share the letter to help us find those who can help.

Many other variables could be measured and studied in addition to the ones currently recorded at Tolga.

Often there are measurements that give a false indication of the area. This is especially so for temperature. Variations are often due to the exposure of the screen. Hence comparisons between centers give false impressions if the exposure is not taken into account. There are solutions to the problem as explained. To see more information and a listing of some weather stations and their exposures please click here.

humidity Did you know that on most occasions when the relative humidity is higher, it is cooler, and often when it is between 90 and 100 percent you have a coat on? There is more information on the humidity page.

weather forecasts Simple methods to present detailed weather forecasts with advantages. Ideas on how to improve weather forecasting.

Tolga Weather Tolga's Weather Trends. High Quality Detailed Graphs.

Weather links Links to the best known weather sites worldwide, including the Bureau of Meteorology and weather cameras. Some sites archive detailed graphs and can give you data that was measured only a few minutes ago.

Please let me know of any other worthwhile links.

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