Tolga's and Atherton's Climate Averages

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The climate is warm in the summer with maximum temperatures averaging approximately 29 - 30 degrees Celsius, and minimum temperatures averaging approximately 18 degrees. In winter the average is approximately 10 degrees for the minimum and 22 for the maximum. The prevailing wind is from the South East and is very consistent. Rainfall averages approximately 1400 mm/year. Humidity is often high during periods of cool cloudy and drizzly weather. On very rare occasions, the relative humidity has been measured as low as approximately 10% during periods of dry weather. However, the mean daily minimum humidity is normally between 40 and 70 percent. The above averages are based on the Atherton observations because observations have only been taken at Tolga for a short time. Atherton's weather is very similar Tolga's and more details are at this Bureau of Meteorology page.

There are detailed weather records for Tolga at .

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